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Love Her and Leibster (Award)

Thanks for the nomination, So I Went Undercover! Ok, I realize that this is a) a chain letter style blog thing, and b) “Leibster” is actually pronounced “lie-bster”, but whatever. I could change the post title, but in my head (even though I know it’s wrong), it is pronounced “lee-bster”. Whatever.

This award is supposed to be for those with less than 200 followers, it may also be for parenting- specific blogs, and you’re supposed to pass it on to eleven other bloggers.Down side? I don’t follow that many blogs. I think I’m supposed to tell you kiddos eleven things about me. Well, welcome to information overload town, population, some of you?

1. When I was little I wanted to be a model. When I was in middle school I wanted to be a Victoria’s Secret model. Now I just want to shower every day. Lowered expectations means less disappointment.

2. Science fiction is my TV/ book genre of choice.

3. My collection of comic books is taller than mini Gwinn. My favorites: X-Men and Batman. Favorite characters from each: Emma Frost and the Huntress.

4. My family is freaking awesome. My husband is even more awesome. And he’s hot. That isn’t really about me, but they’re really important to me.

5. Nothing in the world is more important to me than my son and my marriage to Captain Laser Pants.

6. Working out is my therapy and medication all in one, which is probably why I’m so intense about it. Also, when the zombie apocalypse occurs, I need to be shredded.

7. Sometimes it’s hard to reconcile my love of Minnesota andĀ Appalachia. What this usually develops into is a need to wear flannel, boots, talk in a Southern accent, bake casseroles (excuse me: hot dishes), and have a deeply seeded desire to live in isolation (with guns) in the mountains.

8. I feel like, as fun as Facebook can be, it can just cause problems in relationships. As another blogger once wrote, “You should guard your marriage with knives and teeth, not because it is fragile, but because it is precious.” It’s one of the many reasons I’m leaving the website.

9. I regret many little things in life, but my two biggest are: a) not growing up with my grandparents in MN. I adore them.; and b) not having more time alone as a couple with Captain Laser Pants before mini Gwinn. Don’t get me wrong, our son is freaking rad. I just wish he and I had more time together before becoming a trio.

10. Our government is scary. If you fully trust it, you’re too busy watching reality TV and stuffing your face to know better, which is what they want. Americans have become the mindless masses.

11. If I could somehow create a career as a stay at home mom/ dog lover/ party planner/ personal trainer, I’d either be rich or dead (and in Heaven).


Now onto the (five) nominees:

St. STAM: Because you’re my blogger bff, mom soulmate, and awesome. ‘Nuff said.

The Channonballs: You’re entering into motherhood with grace, style and smiles! So excited for you.

Parenting Is Funny: Well, it is funny. And this blogger tells you about it.

I’ll Sleep When They’re Grown: The gifting post is quite insightful. And funny.

That’s What She Said: She’s a clever, intelligent lady with a beautiful baby. Her blog is well written and I quite enjoy it!

Dr. Mom: Reading her blog makes me feel smarter, gives insight to the medical world (not for medical purposes, take her advice and see your doctor) and she’s a runner. Super cool!

If I think of more nominees, I’ll add them. For now, though, here ya go!