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If You Give a Boy a Party – First Birthday!

2.0 turned one on Friday and we had a blast celebrating him with friends and family on Saturday. Here are just a few pictures from the party, themed from if one of my favorite children’s books, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.

I made all the decorations except for the lanterns, honeycombs and the fans over drinks. Pretty much everything came from the dollar store. Most of my party ideas were saved to my Pinterest board.

For food: I found glass jars at Hobby Lobby and filled them with different kinds of cookies. The gallon jar was filled with a few kinds of chocolate chip cookies, one smaller jar had butter cookies, lemon sandwich cookies, and raspberry jam sandwich cookies, and the other smaller jar had sprinkle sugar cookies filled with oreos that my mom made. They were a hit! I bought sprinkle cupcakes and smash cake at Target, as well as the cookie cake, which they decorated with green and blue polka dots and sprinkles. Then I added a homemade bunting (found the plain flags at Hobby Lobby) to the cake. We had pinwheel sandwiches and mouse shaped chicken nuggets from Costco, and meatballs in BBQ and grape jelly sauce. Chex mix and cut fruit rounded out the food. Lemonade, bottled water, juice boxes and mill boxes were out (and of course coffee!), and we had a few types of flavored milk straws in old fashioned milk glasses. The cold drinks were in a big bucket filled with frozen water balloons, the end result was super cute.

Since there aren’t licensed products for If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, I had to be creative. I was lucky and found milk and cookie die cuts at the dollar tree, and those were the base for most of the decorations. I (probably illegally) took pictures of pages from the book and used those as well, like for the drink signs or for the mouse coloring. I found some really cute corkboard stick on letters on clearance at Target and used them for the banners, labeling the cookie jars (one said “nom mom”, one ” crunch” and one “cookies”), etc. With some ingenuity the party decorations came together and represented the book theme without spending a million dollars in licensed products (mickey mouse, anyone?).

The kids had a great time, the adults were smiling, and birthday boy was all giggles the whole day. Thank you everyone who made this party so special by being there!


*edit with more pictures


Mantle decorations


Stuffing mice into boxes for party favors