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Goings On (Things That are New)

In the past month:

-mini Gwinn has said “nice”, “I love you”, “dog”  and “I did it”. This is in addition to his already awesome vocabulary of “mama”, “dada”, “oh yeah”, “boo- dee (booty)”, and a few other things I’m forgetting. 

-mini Gwinn started taking steps on his own. Finally. I think his head has just been too big to carry around on his own.

-I’m down to 13% body fat. Woot woot!

-Remember that jeep I posted about in July? The one that died? It is SO CLOSE to having the engine replaced I can taste it. Hopefully this week. Yes, I’ve been without my amazing car for six months. 

-I want to do this character costume for D*C 2013, you know, if the world hasn’t ended by then. 

-The world may end Friday, so I’ve been training for that. “Training” really has just included video games and working out. Not my best planning, in hindsight. 

What’s new with you, interwebs?