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30 Weeks and Coach


Mini Gwinn’s Valentine’s Day

Hey interwebs, how was your Valentine’s Day/ Presidents Day? We were finally able to get out of the house by the day before VDay, so I was able to add the finishing touch to mini Gwinn’s Valentine’s present- balloons. He had a little dinosaur decorated box of chocolates, a new book (this kid will sit still for over 10 books a day), a fun robot bag, but he loves balloons, so we of course needed them to complete his present.


Mouth full of chocolate, reading his new book “I Stink”

I gave Captain Laser Pants a Nintendo NES (the original Nintendo) retro- game system with Super Mario Brothers, Duckhunt, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II (everyone knows the first one was crap), complete with a duck hunt gun and candy.


I asked for tulips for my Valentine’s Day, CLP delivered.

CLP brought home tulips, dairy free brownies, and my favorite Chinese food takeout. The real surprise, though, arrived this Tuesday night.


Gambit looks amused wearing a scarf.

It was not this dog. Or his scarf.


Cool kid is cool


They’re Captain Laser Pants’ sunglasses, but MG wears them better.


30 weeks pregnant, none of this outfit is maternity. Please note that glorious bag…

See that glorious bag I’m sporting? I’ve been in lust/ love with it for months. You see, interwebs, I’ve been carrying a $6 backpack from Target to use as my diaper bag/ personal bag. It’s not a big deal because 90% of the time I’m with mini Gwinn, and a backpack holds everything he needs, as well as my wallet, phone and keys. But on those occasions when I’m alone, my options were to carry the ridiculous backpack or to juggle my wallet, phone and keys (in addition to whatever else I was out to get).

Enter my request for a purse.

Pre-baby, my purse was the size of my current wallet. Tiny. But since the necessity of a diaper bag has entered my life, something like a purse is just extra weight (plus, my current wallet is huge, and my olden days bag would never hold it). But as MG gets older and the next little guy’s appearance is just around the corner, a backpack is just as impractical as carrying two or three bags. I wanted something that I wouldn’t have to replace every few months (like a cheap purse or even cheaper backpack), so it needed to be well made. I wanted something that would be appropriate in practically every situation, with or without kids, so it needed to be versatile (and in my language that means “classic”). “Well made” and “classic” equals, of course. Coach.

Btdubs. The dress, chambray shirt, leggings combo I’m wearing in that picture cost a grand total of $18.37. I’m pretty thrifty when it comes to this sort of thing. So when I asked for a Coach bag for Christmas, Captain Laser Pants and I talked at length about the need for something that could hold the insane amount of stuff I lug around every day. It was an investment, I told him, but a worthy one. Coach bags are made so, so beautifully and they are made from incredibly durable glove leather. The bag, after a lot of research, would have to be a 1973 Coach duffle re-issue. Nothing else came close to it in terms of quality, craftsmanship, and beauty.

I had asked for it again for my birthday. And Valentine’s Day. And my husband sweetly told me that no store carried this re-issue anymore. I sighed, resigned myself to buying it after the baby was born, and pushed it to the back of my mind. Mini Gwinn needs a big boy bed, we’ve got to stock up on diapers, and our life isn’t really the kind of life that has designer handbags in it.

So when CLP took out the trash Tuesday night and reemerged from the garage with a huge, carefully wrapped package, I was confused. But then I saw the embossed “Coach” sticker sealing the tissue paper and my jaw hit the floor. The protective bag it came in was nicer than any purse I’d ever owned, and the real deal, the piece de resistance, was inside. I swooned. Caressed it. Wanted to sleep with it between us. I’m no label lover (really), but there really is a difference.

Ok, lovegush over this bag is done for now.

I’m 30 weeks pregnant (and 48 lbs.heavier and counting) and my OB confirmed we’re inducing between 37-39 weeks because of all my health problems. The hematologist will see me again a week before to check my platelet count, and if it’s still sketchy, I get to take prednisone to bump up the numbers before 2.0 makes his debut. Yuck. But I’m relieved to know for sure he’ll be here in April. Well, relieved and a little overwhelmed. His nursery is empty, mostly. There are some dog food cans and a carpet cleaner in it…

I need to get on this nesting business, eh?


Let’s Be Real

It cannot be glossed over any longer: this pregnancy is hard.

So far it isn’t has been as difficult as the first. But I’ve already started swelling in my hands and feet. And the pinched sciatic nerve. And the acid reflux that is triggered by everything, including water (despite 60 mg a day of omeprazole). And the sleeplessness. And the kidney pain (probably from kidney stones, again). And now the pinched nerve in my pubic bone. Again.

Chasing an active two year old doesn’t help. He helps keep my mind off the discomfort usually, but then there are moments where the pain in my back is excruciating and I can’t bend over to restrain mini Gwinn from throwing eggs out of the fridge.

I would consider cutting off an arm to get a massage and a pedicure and a full night’s sleep. And clothes that fit comfortably.

I told Captain Laser Pants that the only thing I think I could do to myself that would be worse would be willingly putting myself in a state prison. He laughed. But really. I genuinely dislike everything about being pregnant (and the first three-four months after). He seems to realize how much I love him that I would torture myself in such a heinous way for him.

In other news, I think I love dairy too much to quit it. Especially cookies and eggnog (for now). December 26th is going to be a rough, rough day.

Happy Friday the 13th, interwebs.

Ponderings, Short Post

Hey interwebs! How’s your President’s Day? Captain Laser Pants and I took mini Gwinn to the gym for some Team Gwinn family time (aka lifting weights together) to celebrate.
Yesterday, in true suburbanite fashion, we went to Old Navy to acquire some jeans for us. After trying on several pairs, I discovered that I can’t wear their jeans without having “mom butt”. God bless ya’ll to the ones that can wear jeans from there (they’re so wonderfully priced!), but I was defeated. CLP found some that he likes, and I picked up a mint- colored 3/4 length sleeve henley for $7. Woohoo! So far, the only jeans I’ve ever fallen in love with are Dish jeans. I’m the opposite of brand-conscious, but when I tried these on at a super hip boutique in Atlanta called Psycho Sisters, I felt like the designers used my body as a template. They’re PERFECT jeans, but run around $100 a pop in regular stores. I scored my fav pair for $13 at Psycho Sisters, but am now in need of a new pair (a girl can’t just have one pair of jeans!). Ah well, c’est la vie, non?
All this thinking about jeans (and clothes) has got my wheels a turnin’. CLP wants to make a mini Gwinn 2.0 in the next 6-10 months, and I’ve got to give it to you straight, hombres: I don’t want to be pregnant again ever. While at the gym, I told CLP that I finally felt confident in how I looked (mostly, but of course we’re not delving into that between reps). The last thing I want to do is gain 55 pounds again and work twice as hard to shed it. Looking at maternity clothes makes me die a little inside. I don’t want to wear stretch pants out of necessity, I don’t want circus tents to house my gargantu-belly. I want to look like Sarah Connor.
For my mamas out there: did you gain more weight with #2, or #1? Did you work out during pregnancy?
For my fashion-frugalistas out there: where do you buy great jeans?

Ceremonial Meltdown

This morning started pretty much like any morning.

Mini- Gwinn pooped through his pajamas and woke us up at 6:30 AM (he rarely wakes up this early these days). This was followed by a sheet change on the crib mattress, a wipe down of the baby, and a lot of laundry. We were up early, so I made bacon- egg muffins (wrap a piece of bacon around the inside of a muffin tin, fill with eggs. I added cheese, sliced green peppers, and a slice of tomato at the bottom of each cup. They were yummy). After a few cups of coffee and a nap for the kiddo, we went to the gym early. Laundry, cleaning, shower, etc. Nothing out of the norm.

Yesterday I was trying to figure out a way to buy a new Dyson vacuum cleaner without begging for one from Captain Laser Pants. We saw a smaller model at Costco for $299 and we pretty much absolutely need a new vacuum. This came to mind as I was standing in his bathroom, stealing Q- tips. I looked in his closet and saw, in the very back of it, a giant, white dress bag.

The past 365 days have held plenty of surprises, changes and shifts in our group of friends:  a baby (ours), four engagements, and a wedding. There are more of these events to come- with four engagements, we get to attend three more weddings. CLP was fitted for his tuxedo a couple weeks ago for a wedding in November. Before I met CLP, before I ever thought I would actually get married, I really enjoyed weddings. Bring a present, wear a pretty dress, get free food, dance with friends, and celebrate the couple. It’s an awesomely fun party. When CLP and I went to our first wedding together, my view on the event changed. I didn’t have the “bride bug”, per se, but I stopped liking weddings and started to love them. When you’re with the one you truly love, you love love (wow, that’s a lot of “love” going on there.). So, when I was planning our wedding, I was truly excited to celebrate our relationship with everyone. And wear a gorgeous dress.

So, 18ish months later, I’m standing in my husband’s bathroom, Q-tipping my ears, staring at my wedding dress bag, which is hiding in the back of his closet so I don’t have to look at it. The exquisite dress that I never wore hung with sadness. So I called up the bridal consignment store down the road to see if they’d take it off my hands. The potential sale meant a new vacuum, some bills paid, aka, it was a practical swap.

Weddings are hard for me now. I’m torn by my feelings of happiness for the couple and my feelings of sadness for not having a wedding of my own. When this attitude hits me I usually remind myself that I have what everyone (mostly everyone) wants: the happy marriage, beautiful baby, loving home and cooking skilllllllzzzzzzzzzz (that’s right. I said it.). I didn’t need the reminder of the never worn dress every time I wanted to swab my ears. So I took it to the store.

Of course, when I unzipped the dress bag, everyone in the store gasped. This dress is gorgeous, seriously. Here’s a link to it, courtesy of Allure Bridals. My shoulders are broader than my hips, and the shape of the dress isn’t flattering on everyone, but when it’s the right body, holy moly. I don’t think I look good in much, but I guarantee you, this dress is stunning on me. I half- jokingly asked the shop owner if I could visit it before it sold. She, and some of the shoppers in the store, assured me it wouldn’t be there long.

On the drive home it hit me. A year ago today would have been our wedding.

I fought back tears as I pulled into our driveway. Then I sent a text to CLP to remind him of the date. Then I told him I had taken the dress to the consignment store.

When we finally hashed it out, he surprised us both by being upset about the dress no longer being in our home. He said words that finally made the tears spill, “I wanted to see you, beautiful as you are, in the dress you loved so much … I never got to see you wear it.” After mini Gwinn got a good laugh at my crying (he crawled in my lap to giggle at me), I called the store and asked if I could come get my dress. She chuckled and said, “I knew you would have second thoughts. Absolutely, come get it. It’s yours!” She was kind and understood. Even if I never got to wear it, that gorgeous gown was my wedding dress.

Am I crazy for harboring disappointment in never having a wedding? Maybe. But I don’t claim to be sane. Every deserving lady should get to have one day where she wears an incredibly beautiful and expensive dress, gets to eat yummy cake made just for her, and has the opportunity to tell everyone she knows how much she loves her man. I’m still torn about the wedding I never had. It’s a bittersweet feeling- I have all the best things about a wedding in my marriage.

But I really wanted to wear a pretty dress and eat cake.

To Target I Go

Just a quick “what I wore to the store” post. Being a mom means, among other things, wearing pratical and only moderately cute things. And I’d you’re aa stylish mom, I don’t want to hear about it.


i love plaid.


plaidy plaid plaid. and boyfriend jeans.


rolled up. barefoot. because i live in Georgia.

Nothing New Under the Sun (but definitely in my closet)

Ok, so, I’ve been ultra MIA lately. My bad. There isn’t anything new going on for CLP, mini Gwinn and myself. Currently I’m sniffing for work, and it looks like I’m going to go back to teaching, but just on the weekends, and maybe (if it all works out!) taking care of a precious baby for one of my amazing mama girlfriends once or twice a week. The beauty of all this- no need for child care (hopefully). And I loved teaching- so win!

Any way, when I was scared of re-entering the corporate world, I thought retail therapy would help ease the shift. I went to the thrift store (yeah, that’s retail therapy for me these days) and found two gorgeous wool skirts, one grey and black and the other brown and cream pinstripes. The total? $6.30. One of them is from the Limited, tags still on it. Impressed? It gets better. Around the same time (within a day or two) I went to Target in search of a needed cocktail dress for an upcoming wedding (yes, I go to Target for cocktail dresses now. Banana Republic and Anne Taylor are brands of my past). While on the hunt, I sifted through the clearance racks for “work appropriate” attire and stumbled upon a goldenrod dress. Hear me out. Normally, I shy away from any color that isn’t blue, black or grey. And by “shy away” I mean “I absolutely do not buy any colors other than blue, black or grey”. But, in a moment of whimsy, and with the knowledge that current fashion trends are veering towards bright colors, I -gasp- took it to the dressing room with me. In this excursion I also grabbed the cocktail- esque dress I wanted, a cardigan in a different shade of yellow (cause, hey, if goldenrod looked bad, maybe daisy yellow would be ok?), and a royal blue high- low knit skirt (I’m currently infatuated with high- low hemlines).

This is me letting you into the dressing room with me. Oh, the scandal!

This is the goldenrod dress. $7. SRLSY.

So, this dress shocked the bejeebus outta me for a few reasons. One- the color is surprisingly flattering. Two- it has pockets, and I LOVE dresses with pockets. Three- It was $7.




The reason I went to the store in the first place – the blue dress

This royal blue dress is so, so pretty. It has butterfly sleeves, draping neckline, tie waist, and it fits beautifully. The one I’m wearing in this picture was a size too big, so I ordered it online (and it was $6 cheaper online, anyway!). The cardigan was on clearance for $12 with really pretty beaded detail.

I actually liked this the least.

The skirt wasn’t flattering at all, and the red tank top was gigantic. It made for a poorly assembled look, even though the colors are great together.

Clearly, I’m on a Snow White/ primary colors kick. Have you seen Polyvore, the website where you can put together looks of your dream outfits (like me), or if you have a well stocked closet, put together new outfits with what you already own? It’s wonderful. I really like the Disney Bound looks, like this one here. See? I am so hooked on the red- blue- yellow combination, in fact, that I am planning on adding a red ribbon and bead necklace to the blue dress for the wedding, with a red satin clutch and yellow sandals.

I made this. It has a bow in the back, very cute.

Nine West, literally six years old.

Because I have a horrendous habit of finding one color or one color scheme and sticking to it religiously, I’m now finding myself gravitating to this trio almost daily.

Red necklace, yellow shoes, blue shirt. Stop me!

Sigh. Maybe I should just go back to black.

On to other things. I’ll be doing a blog post about the goldenrod dress and the five or six styles I’ve thought of for it. Boots, belts, lace- extended slip, dressy, casual- it’s so versatile!

This post was meant to be more of a “I’m still heeeeeere!” than clothing- based. Oops.

Hope all is well out in the world of interwebs for you folks!