So much to say

There is so much to say, but for this moment I just want to share:

-Mini Gwinn is writing and it is surreal to see this child that used to live inside me doing things like this.

-2.0 stood alone on his own today.

-2.0 knows who “mama” and “dada” are, and says our names when one of us walks into the room. He says other things as well, but the identifier thing is radical.

-Mini Gwinn is freakishly good at Battlefield (he only plays on empty servers, no worries)

-2.0 had hoarding tendencies. He’s been collecting various toys in the playroom and storing them in a dump truck.


He packed those by himself


Brothers sitting together

I’ve gotten a clean bill of health from my doctor. No hyperthyroidism, just the symptoms. I had a bizarre encounter with one of our neighbors, of which I’ll have to write soon. 2.0’s birthday is in just a few short weeks. How time flies.


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