Monthly Archives: March 2015

Eleven Months


Busy, snuggly, talkative and sweet- he’s so much fun to be around these days. It’s hard to believe he’ll be a year old in four weeks.


He’s standing on his own. 2.0 talks and babbles a lot, but when he’s quiet, he is hard at work figuring out something. He imitates his big brother’s play, he exhibits self restraint (mini Gwinn is pretty awesome at this too, who knows), going so far as to shake his head “no” when he gets to the dog water bowl and doesn’t reach in it. I don’t even have to say anything.


He’s only getting up once a night now. He coos and babbles in his sleep.

The baby weight is off, as well as another 8-10 lbs. I can finally do 10+ pull ups in a row again. It’s such a relief to know the toddler stage is just around the corner.



So much to say

There is so much to say, but for this moment I just want to share:

-Mini Gwinn is writing and it is surreal to see this child that used to live inside me doing things like this.

-2.0 stood alone on his own today.

-2.0 knows who “mama” and “dada” are, and says our names when one of us walks into the room. He says other things as well, but the identifier thing is radical.

-Mini Gwinn is freakishly good at Battlefield (he only plays on empty servers, no worries)

-2.0 had hoarding tendencies. He’s been collecting various toys in the playroom and storing them in a dump truck.


He packed those by himself


Brothers sitting together

I’ve gotten a clean bill of health from my doctor. No hyperthyroidism, just the symptoms. I had a bizarre encounter with one of our neighbors, of which I’ll have to write soon. 2.0’s birthday is in just a few short weeks. How time flies.