Pinterest Exploded in my House

Making throw pillows.
DIY art decor.
Homemade granola.
Mississippi Mud.
Homemade teething biscuits.
Decorating around the “no headboard'” conundrum.

I think Pinterest exploded in my house. Realistically, DIY is cheaper than buying, but why did I think I have the time to finish any of these projects?


Our guest room decoration


Same problem in the master bedroom


I painted canvas and hot glued my heart out


Mini Gwinn has been singing “Ice Ice Baby”, unbidden, for a few weeks. A few days ago he was washing his hands with Captain Laser Pants, told husband the water was too cold, then proceeded to sing, ” ice ice baby, too cold, too cold”. We may have a mortgage, but we try to insert fun I to adulthood by teaching our boys awesome rap. Next up is the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song.

2.0 is going to a pediatric allergist next week. We already have epipens for him in case of exposure, and I realize this is commonplace now, but my mom nerves are pretty frayed over this. He’s a baby. It’s scary to imagine all the foods he can be exposed to and have another anaphylactic reaction.

I’m seeing a doctor for (potential) hyperthyroidism. And also trying not to freak out about that. With all the symptoms I have, it’s better to be safe than have thyroid cancer. But personally I don’t see the problem with losing 16 pounds in eight weeks. Then again, my perception of this particular issue is skewed.

2.0 is starting to say “Dada” and “yeah yeah”, and some variation of the two. It’s absolutely adorable to hear him join conversations now, even if he does 100% overpower anyone else speaking because of his lack of volume control. His whistling is becoming even more intentional, and really, who doesn’t love a whistling baby?

We are working on a valentine’s gift for CLP that, if it turns out well, I’ll share. It involves tee shirts, pictures, and encouragement for days when we all feel less than best.

What do you do for Valentine’s day?


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