Seven Months

Yesterday marked 2.0’s seventh month on the planet.
He’s mostly crawling at this point. It’s cool, but now that he’s mobile, keeping an eye on both kids usually ends up with me cross eyed.
He’s eating new foods pretty regularly, the newest foods being zucchini and egg yolks. He’s happy to try most anything, except sweet potatoes and avocado. Most nights he sleeps through the night, with a hiccup every few nights or so. I know so many people like the newborn phase, bit this age, for me, beats anything beforehand. I love seeing his personality. Mini Gwinn has come out of his shell more lately. He introduces himself to new people with his full name, and then usually a description of whatever it is that he’s doing when he meets someone. Today he took off his shoes and jeans at Target. I mean, there’s a time and a place. But his time and place are not mine, apparently.
They’re currently having a screaming match, so this us short.




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