Three Year Olds Say Funny Things

In the past couple weeks, mini Gwinn has been entertaining Captain Laser Pants and myself with the things he’s said. Here are some gold nuggets of three year old musings.

“I just have to keep moving!”
“Our new house is wonky.”
“I need a haircut.”
     “Do you want to go get one?”
“I’m building a poop tower!”
-he flips through a jeep parts catalog-
me: “Are you eating your dinner?”
             “No, I’m looking at things.”
“Poots are stinky.”

In other news, 2.0 slept through the night. Cue the Hallelujah chorus. I had a full eight hours of sleep for the first time in almost a year.


We are settling into the new house. Mini Gwinn’s walls had several pink splotches and marks, so they had to be covered. My short term solution: paint robots over the spots.




They’re done by hand so they aren’t symmetrical or anything, but they’re cute and match his stuff. Then my mom and I found this great chair for $35 at an outlet store.


I finished painting the chalkboard wall in their playroom, but now have the other three walls in that room to tackle. And the baby’s nursery. And our room. And the basement. Oy.


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