Six Months

We are in the tail end of our move to our new home, so that’s my excuse for missing Friday’s post for 2.0 turning six months old.

He’s scooting across the floor as I type this. Not quite crawling yet, but close. He’s eating solid foods like a champ, but isn’t a fan of the same foods mini Gwinn liked at this age. He’s also much, much louder than his brother. 2.0 screams when he’s happy, screams when he’s hungry, and screams when he’s sad. Mini Gwinn was a happy boy by this age, but never this loud.

However, where they are eerily similar:


Mini Gwinn at 6 Months

The above is mini Gwinn at 6 months old.


2.0 at Six Months Old

And here’s 2.0.

They’re the same kid. If you told me this was the same baby, just different angles and different outfits, I’d believe you.

Anyway. 2.0 is wearing mostly 12 months clothing at this point, waking up 3 times a night, and generally wearing me out. He’s a beast to carry because of his size and how he leans out of my arms to attack whatever he sees, face first. He’s the reason I’ve developed a carpal boss on one of my hands, and I don’t doubt another will show up before he’s walking.

We are feverishly getting the house ready for guests on Sunday for mini Gwinn’s third birthday party. I can’t wait to show you guys the carnival stuff we are doing.

That’s all for now!


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