Monthly Archives: August 2014

Four Months

2.0 turned four months on Sunday. He is a chattering, giggling little butterball of a baby.

Our life is pretty wild right now (all housing related, another post for another time). So not much to say today.


2.0 likes to talk:

I have 15- 23 lbs. left to lose of the 55 gained from pregnancy. Clothes from last summer, mainly shorts and pants, still don’t fit. Sad trombone.

Mini Gwinn is… precocious. CLP is feverishly working and looking for houses for us to buy. I’m mostly sleepwalking these days.

That’s all for now!


Milestone Sleep


Guess who slept through the night two nights in a row?

Shaping Up


Tape shapes in a long hall gave us an hour of Mini Gwinn running/ scooting/ hopping/ walking backwards/ sideways stepping as I called out directions (“scoot backwards to the rectangle! “). An hour later, we had a sweaty toddler who wore himself out. Mission accomplished.