Three Months Changes a Person

Today is 2.0’s three month birthday (is that a thing?), and I have to say, the past three months have changed team Gwinn. For starters, Captain Laser Pants has taken on more home- related tasks, like bathing mini Gwinn and occasionally doing the dishes after the kids are asleep. Mini Gwinn has adjusted to the big brother role, and I think it has helped him come out of his shell with new people (just a little). If someone new asks, he tells them his baby brother’s name, and he usually says “hi” and “bye”, which he never used to do. 2.0 is sleeping in six, sometimes seven, hour stretches at night. He’s also been rolling from stomach to back for about five weeks now. He coos and talks so much more than mini Gwinn did at this age. But, unlike his big bro, he is super sensitive to noise. Mini Gwinn used to sleep right through vacuuming, barking dogs, etc. The new one is startled by the slightest noise (like a bottle falling over on the counter). So much for the stereotypical ” easy” second child.

And me? I’m still chunky. And I’ve managed to strain both my wrists from carrying around a nearly 15 lb. baby. And I feel like I’ve been pushed to the breaking point of sanity between these two boys. They manage to take turns crying, or even worse, both have poops at the same time or want to eat at the same time. Between mini Gwinn sneezing directly into my mouth and 2.0 simultaneously pooping and puking on me, I’ve been covered in someone else’s bodily fluids way too much lately. It’s tiring and humbling to change lounge clothes five times a day.

But in the midst of it all, we are coming out of the fog and slowly returning to reality. While both boys slept I was able to dig up one of the two garden boxes in our front yard. I bought geraniums and torenias to plant next to our apricot candy rose bush. CLP and I are looking at what video games we’ll start playing together soon. Life is finding its rhythm.




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