Normal Shmormal

“New normal” is a phrase that irritates me. Isn’t “new normal” just “different”? Eventually it becomes ” normal”, but… I dunno. I’m just not a fan.

It feels like life is starting to have rhythm again. 2.0 is growing every day, and he seems like he’s feeling so much better than he did a month ago. Yesterday we were away from the house for three hours without a single meltdown, diaper explosion, or hangry tantrum (hangry= hungry + angry). The littlest is even starting to nurse again. Life doesn’t feel normal, but it doesn’t feel completely crazy anymore, either.

Last Summer I had grandiose plans for starting home school preschool for mini Gwinn. A full year later, it’s actually happening. After looking over lesson plans I devised a year ago, a revamp needed to occur. We started two weeks ago with a tenuous “lesson” on plants. We’ve been growing tomatoes, sunflowers, carrots and grass. The cool thing is that with unit lesson plans, we cover the gamut of preschool skills across the whole of the unit theme. While planting seeds, we counted, talked about size differentiation, and placement as we buried the seeds in the potting soil. Now that they’re all growing, we talk about how weather helps plants grow, colors, tastes, and virtues like patience (of which a two year old has precious little). It’s been a good test for us both to see how future lesson units will go.

So the next lesson unit we are working on is the ocean. I’m excited for this one is because it includes a field trip, tons of crafts, and lots of opportunities for learning without pushing for a “sit down education”. I’ll put up pictures, etc of what we’re doing (if I remember).

The next goal I have for myself: lose 30 lbs. Oy vey.


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