alone time

Like, what is it?

I haven’t been alone for more than 45 minutes since April 24th. That’s eight weeks and three days, in case you wonder if I’m counting. Cause I am.

Mini Gwinn had a play date today with some of our favorite people on the planet. Last night I asked Captain Laser Pants if I could leave 2.0 with him during the play date. He said, “I don’t know,” which translated to “no”. So I took the little one. This gave CLP three uninterrupted hours of alone time. Which he gets every day. I was pretty irritated when we came home and nothing had been done to clean the house. He had told me he would go to Costco. Instead, he had played video games.

Am I justified in being upset? I haven’t slept for more than five hours in eight weeks. Haven’t had the luxury of going to the bathroom or taking a shower without someone crying for me. The eighteenish hours I’m awake every day are devoted to the care of three other people.

Am I being selfish? Is the lack of sleep making me mean?



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4 responses to “alone time

  • Mary Sue

    I’d say you’re overdue for some alone time, a foot rub, flowers, and some sparkly things- either in jewelry form or poured from a bottle.

    And, yes, if the other supplier of genetic code for your little crying cherubs hasn’t made a deliberate effort to give you a break (who has the sore hooha? WHO?!?), I’d say that a few xBox cotrollers need to go missing.

    I’m (justifiably) a bit sensitive about caring for one more person than I birthed. If his arms are working, why in the every-loving hell isn’t he helping to make your life easier? VIDEO GAMES?

    Short answer- no, you’re not being mean or selfish. And you should be. Cause he is.

    Just my two cents. You hit my hot button on this one.

    My offer to help still stands, if you’d like some arms free time or some cleaning done. I do good cleaning.

    • mombieconfessions

      overdue definitely. I’d settle for a solo run to the gym.

      Some men are sensitive to the state of their house, others are oblivious. While he’s an incredible, kind husband, he doesn’t notice a mess the way I do. After a talk about how I felt, we came to an agreement: he isn’t a mind reader, and it’s my responsibility to communicate my expectations if I want them met. He was sweet and apologetic about the whole thing. And the next time I want alone time, all I have to do is tell him.

      He is a HUGE help with the boys. I would be lost without him, really. Anyone that knows him knows that he’s a wonderful father. We’ve only had disagreements a few times in our whole relationship, and it has always been as a result of a lack of communication from both parties.

      He’s as tired as I am- he gets up with the baby every night, changes the older one in the night, and gets up with them every morning. He’s genuinely not selfish. Just not a mind reader. 🙂

      obviously I cooled off quickly. I wasn’t super upset to begin with, but probably shouldn’t have written about it in the heat of my emotions.

  • st sahm

    hulk punch the gaming system. don’t go all soft on him mombie. free time for hubbies stacks up so quickly and easily it would be unnatural if you didn’t notice and begrudge them (ha!)

    there’s nothing I can do but cheer you on…so here’s a little song for you:

    Mombie! Mombie! She’s the boss
    She rules the world and matches socks
    Feeds her babies and her man
    Doesn’t sleep or use the can
    Goooooooooo Mombie!
    Push ’em back
    Push ’em back
    Push ’em wayyyyyy back


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