Pediatric Gastroenterologist


We went to the pediatric gastroenterologist (sp?) yesterday. Little 2.0 doesn’t sleep and cries a whole, whole lot. He was pretty worn out from the ordeal. I’ll post deets later.
In other news, mini Gwinn made a homemade cake by himself. He measured, stirred and told me what he wanted to add. I didn’t try it because he was letting one of the dogs lick the batter. But from an experienced cake baker, I can tell you the ingredients and measurements were pretty accurate.
I’ve been laying low on the blogosphere and in the real world. Managing with two, particularly with one who is sickly/ cries all the time, is no walk in the park. The good news is the doctors are hopefully getting to the bottom of the issue and mini Gwinn has been a champ. He’s such a sweet big brother. I can’t believe I was ever worried about him.



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