One Month with 2.0

We’ve had 2.0 for a month now and, in some ways, the month has played out as we expected, but in others, not at all how we thought. We are brutally exhausted. The littlest is up through the night, mostly every hour. Like his big brother, he has classic signs of silent reflux and other tummy troubles. Unlike his big bro, though, we addressed the issue as soon as the signs appeared. He’s on zantac twice a day and a probiotoc, BioGaia, every day for digestive health. The thrashing and screaming every night has subsided mostly, but his general newborn lack of sleep is taking its toll on us.
Mini Gwinn is adapting beautifully. When the baby cries, he suggests a pacifier, “pass!” Or tells Captain Laser Pants to put him in the baby swing when he’s crying inconsolably. While he’s showing some need for attention from us (he’s used to getting 100%, now it’s a little less, of course), he’s not showing jealousy or aggression toward his little bro. Mini Gwinn has been helpful, sweet, and has surprised us by how calmly he’s accepted that his life has changed in this way.
2.0 is gaining weight like a champ. Going dairy free has given us the chance to not rely on formula, and seeing his weight gain really validates the choice I made months ago for the health of my son. So far, since birth, he’s gained three pounds and four ounces. Nursing is a lot easier the second time around, but the distribution of responsibility between parents is heavily weighted on my side as a result. Even though CLP has been around a lot more with this baby than he was when mini Gwinn was born, I still don’t feel like I’m adjusting as smoothly as I had hoped. Maybe more on that later?
Anyway. Instead of reading, here are pictures of our sweet 2.0.





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