Twelve Days

It’s been twelve days since I wandered into my high risk doctor’s office with no expectations of delivering a baby six hours later. After checking my blood pressure three times, he didn’t even feel like it was necessary to talk to me for more than ten seconds. He sent me to the maternity ward to be induced. I called Captain Laser Pants, who had taken mini Gwinn to his office for the morning, and my mom, to see how quickly she could be at our house. We had left my bags in the car, so I waddled to the parking deck to gather my things and head to labor and delivery.
CLP made it to the hospital, his mom picked up mini Gwinn and took him home, and we settled into our room. At 2:30 they started pitocin and, shortly after, the epidural. Since I was already 4 cm, we all knew it would be fairly quick delivery.
The epidural lost its efficacy by 5:45. There were no narcotics in it because I’m allergic to everything it seems like, and by 6 I was feeling every contraction. The most prominent pain, though, was the symphysis pubis shifting. The pitocin and spd combined was, without a doubt, the worst pain I’ve ever experienced. I went from 8 cm dilated to having a beautiful baby boy in my arms in less than ten minutes. Ten minutes, people. Two pushes and he was out, screaming and kicking. The entire process, start to finish, was less than four hours. I was stoked to not need stitches (woohoo!), and sat up with an ice pack while the nurses cleaned up our little guy. He had inhaled a mouthful of amniotic fluid on his way out because his exit was so fast, so they had to clear his lungs.
2.0 was 7 pounds, 9 ounces (a full pound and 4 ounces bigger than mini Gwinn), 20 inches and has enough dark hair that I could actually cut it due to the length.
Before we left the hospital I was feeling normal, just not looking normal. I had some leg and feet edema for a week, and now I have ten thousand pounds to lose. But we are home, our family is complete, and we are happy. Albeit, tired.






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