30 Weeks and Coach


Mini Gwinn’s Valentine’s Day

Hey interwebs, how was your Valentine’s Day/ Presidents Day? We were finally able to get out of the house by the day before VDay, so I was able to add the finishing touch to mini Gwinn’s Valentine’s present- balloons. He had a little dinosaur decorated box of chocolates, a new book (this kid will sit still for over 10 books a day), a fun robot bag, but he loves balloons, so we of course needed them to complete his present.


Mouth full of chocolate, reading his new book “I Stink”

I gave Captain Laser Pants a Nintendo NES (the original Nintendo) retro- game system with Super Mario Brothers, Duckhunt, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II (everyone knows the first one was crap), complete with a duck hunt gun and candy.


I asked for tulips for my Valentine’s Day, CLP delivered.

CLP brought home tulips, dairy free brownies, and my favorite Chinese food takeout. The real surprise, though, arrived this Tuesday night.


Gambit looks amused wearing a scarf.

It was not this dog. Or his scarf.


Cool kid is cool


They’re Captain Laser Pants’ sunglasses, but MG wears them better.


30 weeks pregnant, none of this outfit is maternity. Please note that glorious bag…

See that glorious bag I’m sporting? I’ve been in lust/ love with it for months. You see, interwebs, I’ve been carrying a $6 backpack from Target to use as my diaper bag/ personal bag. It’s not a big deal because 90% of the time I’m with mini Gwinn, and a backpack holds everything he needs, as well as my wallet, phone and keys. But on those occasions when I’m alone, my options were to carry the ridiculous backpack or to juggle my wallet, phone and keys (in addition to whatever else I was out to get).

Enter my request for a purse.

Pre-baby, my purse was the size of my current wallet. Tiny. But since the necessity of a diaper bag has entered my life, something like a purse is just extra weight (plus, my current wallet is huge, and my olden days bag would never hold it). But as MG gets older and the next little guy’s appearance is just around the corner, a backpack is just as impractical as carrying two or three bags. I wanted something that I wouldn’t have to replace every few months (like a cheap purse or even cheaper backpack), so it needed to be well made. I wanted something that would be appropriate in practically every situation, with or without kids, so it needed to be versatile (and in my language that means “classic”). “Well made” and “classic” equals, of course. Coach.

Btdubs. The dress, chambray shirt, leggings combo I’m wearing in that picture cost a grand total of $18.37. I’m pretty thrifty when it comes to this sort of thing. So when I asked for a Coach bag for Christmas, Captain Laser Pants and I talked at length about the need for something that could hold the insane amount of stuff I lug around every day. It was an investment, I told him, but a worthy one. Coach bags are made so, so beautifully and they are made from incredibly durable glove leather. The bag, after a lot of research, would have to be a 1973 Coach duffle re-issue. Nothing else came close to it in terms of quality, craftsmanship, and beauty.

I had asked for it again for my birthday. And Valentine’s Day. And my husband sweetly told me that no store carried this re-issue anymore. I sighed, resigned myself to buying it after the baby was born, and pushed it to the back of my mind. Mini Gwinn needs a big boy bed, we’ve got to stock up on diapers, and our life isn’t really the kind of life that has designer handbags in it.

So when CLP took out the trash Tuesday night and reemerged from the garage with a huge, carefully wrapped package, I was confused. But then I saw the embossed “Coach” sticker sealing the tissue paper and my jaw hit the floor. The protective bag it came in was nicer than any purse I’d ever owned, and the real deal, the piece de resistance, was inside. I swooned. Caressed it. Wanted to sleep with it between us. I’m no label lover (really), but there really is a difference.

Ok, lovegush over this bag is done for now.

I’m 30 weeks pregnant (and 48 lbs.heavier and counting) and my OB confirmed we’re inducing between 37-39 weeks because of all my health problems. The hematologist will see me again a week before to check my platelet count, and if it’s still sketchy, I get to take prednisone to bump up the numbers before 2.0 makes his debut. Yuck. But I’m relieved to know for sure he’ll be here in April. Well, relieved and a little overwhelmed. His nursery is empty, mostly. There are some dog food cans and a carpet cleaner in it…

I need to get on this nesting business, eh?


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6 responses to “30 Weeks and Coach

  • Mary Sue


    I’ll be glad for you when Round Two is over and your little(er) boy is here. So close to the finish line! The bag looks gorgeous and the lady carrying it even gorgeouser….

  • Erin Wetty

    You look gorgeous and so stylish!! Love the bag, the outfit, and your adorable little guy 🙂

    • mombieconfessions

      ahh, thank you! I certainly don’t feel it, but there are few women who do at this stage, right? I hope you are feeling great and the ridding of gluten in your diet is going smoothly! On Feb 24, 2014 9:53 PM, “Confessions of a Mom Zombie” wrote:


  • st sahm

    You make that bag look good! How satisfying to have waited and then CLP to surprise you, awesome!

    Your oldest sitting and reading with chocolate is too adorable.

    • mombieconfessions

      I think it’s the other way around, bff! But thank you. 😀 It was a very, very nice surprise.

      Is it awful that I gave him chocolate when he’s two? At least he appreciates it and says, “MMMMM choco-what”.

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