Hothlanta 2.0

So… we can’t leave the house again for the second time in two weeks.

Laugh all you want, northerners. In the years I lived in Minneapolis, I never once saw the issue of ice.

See, in the north, once October 1st rolls around, the temperature drops from 65 degrees to 31 degrees, and then stays below 31 (and a lot of the time it’s below 0) til, like, May. So when it snows there, it just stays snowy. Every time there’s precipitation from the sky, it’s snow, and that’s that.

Down in redneckville (or however the rest of the country views the “deep south”), it warms up to the mid-40s and drops to the low 20s in the span of 24 hours. And if we’ve had a relatively cold winter, whatever is wet on the ground will freeze. Yesterday it snowed for a while, and we had a little over an inch on the ground, then it melted in the afternoon. The moisture didn’t evaporate into the air, and instead, froze overnight. And what’s currently falling from the skies is more accurately described as “tiny ice pellets” instead of soft, downy snow. If we all had snowplows and salt trucks on every street (there are plenty of private owners that contract out in the north to clear parking lots, etc), this wouldn’t be an issue. But this doesn’t happen often down here. Atlanta specifically was mocked mercilessly two weeks ago for the utter failure of handling two inches of snow (we had about 5-6 inches, btdubs). Take into account that there are over five million people that commute in and out of the city daily, and traffic is horrendous on any given day of the week, and you can add in some snow that fell, melted, then almost immediately iced over, and you have the debacle of January.

This time, the government was mocked for overreacting preemptively, closing schools and businesses before the clouds had even rolled across the sky. Since we don’t have cable and I don’t listen to the radio often, I was caught off guard that there was another storm on the way. I was pretty shocked to see huge lines at our local grocery store (my beloved Target is a six mile journey, and mini Gwinn was tired), only a few half gallons of milk left, and the bread aisles cleaned out. Frankly, I get the milk thing (for the kids), but why does the bread disappear so quickly? We were there to pick up some basics that I had forgotten at Target a couple days previously, and I immediately regretted leaving our driveway.

Oh well. So yesterday, as the snow was falling, Captain Laser Pants and I had to take mini Gwinn to the pediatrician. Luckily he’s doing much better today (a cold had to run its course, and now he’s back to bouncing off the walls), so we weren’t at the doctor’s office for long, but our normally populated- with- soccer- moms community looked nearly deserted. At least people weren’t willing to risk injury and danger this time? And today I see why. Our driveway is one long, smooth slab of ice. The street in front of our house is more of the same.

With that in mind, Captain Laser Pants won’t be leaving the basement for any length of time, as he’s either working from home or playing Battlefield 4. My Valentine’s Day gift to him is sitting in the entry closet, neatly wrapped (it all arrived by Monday), and my gift is nonexistent, because CLP is really bad at planning and blamed the weather this week for not having anything ready. From now on, I’ll be buying my own gifts in advance and thanking him at the appropriate times. Can you tell I’m peeved? It’s good he’s cute and good at other things…

Any way, big digression. The concern with the ice is that it either tree branches heavily laden with ice will pull down power lines, or that the power lines themselves will be so heavy with ice that they’ll fall. The power company came through and trimmed trees in our neighborhood several weeks ago, but I can see the ice on the lines from 200 yards away. Our house has a gas lighting fireplace and gas stove, and like a good, obsessive planning psycho that I am, we have enough “no cooking required” food for over three days, including powdered milk, in case we run out. But I’m still worried about keeping our little guy warm if we lose power.

Here’s to hoping our elderly neighbors stay warm and well fed, our friends stay safe and warm, and that I don’t throw the switch just to turn off the PS4 and/ or computer for the next few days.


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6 responses to “Hothlanta 2.0

  • Erin Wetty

    I hate how much Atlanta was mocked about two inches of snow. It wasn’t the snow – it was the ice, coupled with bad timing and poor government planning. Stay safe and warm guys!

    • mombieconfessions

      Southerners are an easy target for the rest of the country to mock for being stupid and incompetent in regards to winter weather, which is unfair. Ice is a danger that most in the north don’t have to face. Stay warm and safe! On Feb 12, 2014 8:32 PM, “Confessions of a Mom Zombie” wrote:


  • st sahm

    NICE play on Star wars title.

    You’re right about the real dangers of ice. I officially renege my weather sarcasm.

    If it makes you feel any better our Valentine’s day wasn’t anything special. He was called into work to make up for missing hours because of weather and I was home with the kids. I put a hershey kiss beside his coffee cup and he handed me a post it note with something scrawled on it. It could read ‘You’re amazing, gorgeous and I love you’ or it might say ‘please wash my work pants’. I’m not sure?

    • mombieconfessions

      I would love to claim my own cleverness on the title, but we had a snow storm in 2011 that was labeled as such. In regards to expectations for Valentine’s Day this year, husband forgot my birthday completely last year, Valentine’s Day, didn’t plan anything for our anniversary, forgot Christmas this season, and didn’t plan anything for my birthday this year. He is great at a lot of things, the planning for holidays and event is not one of them. He did very sweetly come through for us this year with beautiful tulips and Chinese food that he brought home after work. It really isn’t so much about what he does for events and holidays, but more about the fact that he needs to remember in the first place. We are still in the early years of our marriage and learning one another’s expectations for things like this. I hope you guys are doing well! Is that your husband appreciated the Hershey kiss next to his coffee cup. 🙂 On Feb 17, 2014 10:26 AM, “Confessions of a Mom Zombie” wrote:


      • st sahm

        He’s lucky you’re SO patient!!

        And why aren’t you blogging about this? SHEESH. An open to letter to genius but forgetful married men…

      • mombieconfessions

        I felt like I was broadcasting a short coming that is partially my fault for existing (I don’t like repeating myself or reminding him of things), especially when he really is an amazing husband. But maybe a blog in changing my attitude about it all is in order? On Feb 17, 2014 10:55 AM, “Confessions of a Mom Zombie” wrote:


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