Thought Vomit

Just a quick post to vent off some thoughts. Or thought vomit. Your call.

-Are “skinny jeans” actually “skinny” if you’re really fat?

-I don’t think people know what “clean eating” and “Paleo diet” mean. I’m really tired of seeing “clean/ Paleo recipes” with regular old chocolate chips, cheese, milk, etc.

-By that same token, if a recipe has 14,000 ingredients, and they are things like “coconut flour hand milled in your own home”, “homemade vegan cheese”, or something else equally impossible for a pregnant mom with three dogs and a whirlwind toddler, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

-I made homemade almond butter (for real easy, especially by comparison to hand milling your own coconut flour). It’s good enough to eat solo. And a lot cheaper than store bought biz.

-Lego Marvel on PS4 is a really fun game.


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I am a sarcastic mom, tried and true INTJ, my DISC profile has a high D and C with low I and S, and I'm a quirky geek (love me some Star Wars, BSG, Firefly, Dr, Who and comic books!). When I grow up I want to be an Amazon warrior with super powers and an awesome costume. Music and literature are passions, cooking and baking are hobbies, and writing a blog (such as this one) is both a cathartic release and documentation of the growth of my family and myself. View all posts by mombieconfessions

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