Pregnancy after Accutane

Even though it wasn’t covered much in the blogaroonie, I was on ‘accutane’ (technically “isotretinoin”, accutane is no longer on the market. I was on Claravis and Amnesteem) for 8 months between 2012 and 2013. The standard round for this medication is 4 months, if that gives you any indication to the nature of my cystic acne. According to what my dermatologist said, I was on a double dose for my weight, as well as double the standard round. It was  fairly hard on my body (like moderate joint pain), but over the long period of time I was on it, my blood work stayed good enough that I wasn’t technically at risk.

After mini Gwinn was born, my skin went absolutely haywire. I developed painful cysts all over my face that stayed for weeks. Every time my newborn touched my skin, I cringed. When I saw the dermatologist, she told me I really had no other option aside from isotretinoin to help. Between his birth and this spring (around 18 months), I was left with dramatic scarring, especially on my cheeks. The medication doesn’t fix the scarring, but it does prevent more cysts from forming.

During my first pregnancy, I had several bouts of breakouts, but nothing like what was to come once my little guy was born. Now? I’m still having small breakouts once in a while. But it bodes well for after pregnancy. At least, I’m hopeful. There’s a chance that I’ll have to do another short round (4 months) after this delivery. We’ll see.



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