Musical Marvel

When I was pregnant with mini Gwinn, I played Bach’s cello suite number one – prelude to my growing belly three times a day, every day (yes, every day).

It’s a very well known piece of instrumental music, and Yo Yo Ma’s version (the one I played) is a half step lower than the written original, so it gives more allowance for the cello to really show off its rich timbre in the piece (hi, music major).

The day after he was born, while we were still in the hospital, I played it for his newborn ears. And as he was laying his sweet little cheek on my shoulder, he turned towards the music to better hear it. To see it in person was pretty darn awesome.

But now? When he’s having a rare toddler moment of fussing or a temper tantrum, I can play that same piece of music, and, miraculously, he stops. He calms down. He centers himself. If he’s sad or scared, this song, especially if he’s in my arms, comforts him.

Pretty incredible, if you ask me.

So now I try to play that same song to 2.0 in hopes of achieving the same kind of success as I had with my oldest.


Humans are fascinating.


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