Post- apocalyptic entertainment is HUGE in right now. Reality shows featuring “preppers”, bunker builders, and TV dramas like Falling Skies and (my personal fave) the Walking Dead all highlight a world without “the grid”. I’m not complaining. This is a mental fantasy I have on the regular. My mom is probably rolling her eyes as she reads this. But really, what would you do if all internet communications (including modern cell phones) went down, if the roads were closed, and/ or a major disaster struck?

A few years ago, while Captain Laser Pants and I were dating, Atlanta was covered in snow. Underneath the snow, in many areas, was a thick layer of ice. The city shut down for several days because of the incapacity to handle a snow situation. Northerners laugh, but really, it NEVER snows down here. I lived in the city at the time, and my best friend and I had a sleepover. We walked to stores and enjoyed it, but many Atlantians were floundering. CLP was short on his frozen pizza rations, and more had serious issues like running out of food for their children and themselves. At the time I didn’t give it a second thought. My dogs had food, our fridge was full, what’s the concern?

Now, if something like that happened to us, we’d run out of milk for mini Gwinn in about 48 hours. We would be fine, mostly, for a couple weeks, but man that kid goes through milk. Much to the entertainment of our friends, CLP and I started a bin of “back up food” (complete with powdered milk). Do I think Daryl and his cross bow are going to come across my threshold? Probably not (but you’re TOTALLY welcome). But with another (relatively) cold winter ahead of us, I don’t see any reason to not be a little more prepared.

In other news, team Gwinn is survivaling. Or surviving. Whatever. Thriving, mostly. 2.0 is growing, mini Gwinn talks more every day, and aside from headaches, I’m feeling good as I hit the stride of my second trimester. CLP is growing out his facial hair for Movember. It’s um… splendid? We had mini Gwinn’s birthday party last weekend, and it was heavenly chaos as 2-4 year olds ran through the house and played in the yard. I’ll post more about it some other time, and maybe if there’s interest, some of my modified pregnancy workouts.

Ok, peoples, have a great Friday!


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One response to “Survival…ing

  • Ruth Warren

    Yes I did. : ). But your Dad has been asking me to stock up on things like water, batteries, non perishables. Great minds ( or imaginations?) think alike! It is always a great idea to be prepared! We can’t forsee future situations but thank God, He already knows everything that is ahead of us whether it be ice storms or worse! I cling to His many promises in the Word… He will always love and care for us and will always provide!

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