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Japanese Maples



We have four Japanese maples in our front yard and they’re beautiful right now. We have two separate breeds, and I love how each one is a slightly different color.
Happy Autumn!


Second Trimester Lower Body Workout

I can’t believe this pregnancy is just about halfway over. It’s wild to think that this time with mini Gwinn I was still working and moving from an apartment to a house. And I was showing in a different way. I mean, I’m showing now. But, in the first go around, right around 18 weeks, I had a rotund belly that was very obviously “pregnant belly”. Now I just look … fat. And it’s not for trying otherwise. I’m eating pretty well, working out a few times a week, and staying active. And with the exception of needing to wear bigger bras and slightly bigger clothes, I’m nowhere near maternity clothing. I can wear a couple pairs of my regular jeans still (I was definitely in maternity clothes all the time by this point with mini Gwinn). But 2.0 is as active as his/ her older brother was in the womb. I feel head over toe flips, wiggles, and barrel rolls.

I digress! Here’s what I’ve been doing for my lower body workout while in my second trimester.

Warm up: stationary bike at a moderate resistance, 5 minutes
Backwards static lunges on Smiths machine (bar weighs 15 lbs, I add 10 lbs to each side for a total of 35 lbs) – each leg, 3 sets of 6 per leg
Normal stance squats on Smiths machine (35 lbs total) – 3 sets of 8
Narrow stance squats on a Smiths machine (35 lbs total) – 3 sets of 6
Leg press jumps – 30 lbs, 12 jumps
Leg press varied height squats – 30 lbs, 12 at each height (start with your legs straight and do a shallow squat, then go slightly deeper, and progress all the way to the point where the weight stack you’re pressing is very close to the stack you’re not lifting- this gets really tough!)
Hip Adductions- 95 lbs, 3 sets of 8
Hip Abductions- 130 lbs, 3 sets of 8
Standing calf raises – 125 lbs, 3 sets of 10
Squats with kettle bell or free weight – 25 lbs, 3 sets of 5
OR Bosu ball squats with 10 lb. free weight – 3 sets of 5
Swinging leg hinges – 3 sets of 10 each leg
Elbow to knee wide stance push ups – 3 sets of 8 (push ups are always good!)
30 second standard plank – 2 reps
Cool down: stationary bike at moderate resistance, 10 minutes
LOTS OF STRETCHING. Ya know, cause pregnancy.

I really like the Smith machine because of the range of motion stoppers it provides, as well as the stationary bar (as in you can’t accidentally pull it off the machine frame). Walking lunges are frowned upon during pregnancy because of pulling round ligaments or pelvic muscles blah blah blah, I don’t remember the reason, but backwards static lunges on the Smiths are both challenging to your muscles without risking injury to your pregnant body. I’ve tried running a few times with lots of pain in my knees (totes bummer), and now that my feet hurt pretty regularly (and lower back), the stationary bike is my new go- to for cardio.

What are you up to, interwebs?

Big Weekend News

Team Gwinn has had some major developments in the past few days.

For starters, I had my hair cut. This is big news because I only get three haircuts a year. I no longer have mermaid length hair, but it looks healthy and it’s still pretty long.

We bought a king size bed (finally!) after a year of my complaints. We’re pretty stoked, especially since all three dogs sleep with us. That also means we can finish setting up our guest bedroom, because I finished updating some dressers we bought off Craigslist. I’ll put up pictures of the transformations pretty soon (they were gold laminate and are now matte black. I love their new look).

But the craziest news of all: mini Gwinn is ready to potty train.

I’ve had major anxiety over potty training since I found out I was pregnant with a boy. But, like the rest of his easy going disposition, he has made this a cinch so far. A few weeks ago he started telling us that he needed a diaper change immediately after he went in his diaper. He’d grab his little butt and say, “Change, change!” This morning? He told us twice to “change” before he had even gone. We’re going out to buy all the paraphernalia in a little bit. I can’t believe my barely two year old is ready for this!

How has your weekend been, interwebs?

Knocked Up and Working Out

Guys. If you’re one of those women that can be like 38 weeks pregnant and still do pull ups, I hate you. And I’m jealous.

Today at the gym I was able to do most of my old workout for upper body. After doing some research, most experts recommend that a pregnant mama kick her weight lifting routine down to about 70% of her max ability. I’m bad at math, so I really just shoot for about 2/3 of what I was doing before. So, with farmer’s carries, I was doing 100 lbs. total. Now I’m doing 70 lbs (that one is easy, cause, ya know, simple math).

Here’s what I’ve been doing for my upper body workouts:
5 minute warm up on stationary “road bike”, stretching
Farmer’s Carries- 35 lbs. each hand
Bench Press- 60 lbs, 3 sets of 6
Leaning Lateral Raises- 15 lbs, 3 sets of 6 each side
Tricep Overhead Extensions- 25 lbs, 3 sets of 8
Tricep Kickbacks- 20 lbs, 3 sets of 6
Bent Over Rows- 30 lbs, 3 sets of 8
Pectoral Fly Machine- 90 lbs, 3 sets of 6
Rear Delt Fly Machine (same as above machine but reverse how you sit)- 75 lbs, 3 sets of 6
Preacher Curl Machine- 50 lbs, 3 sets of 6
Push Ups- 2 sets of 8 army style, 3 sets of 6 with knee to elbow push ups
Modified Plank on stability ball- 2 30 second planks (stability ball goes under your elbows)
5 minute cool down on stationary “road bike” and LOTS of stretching

(I’ve got links to pretty much every exercise listed above in ¬†previous post, Post Baby Weight Loss Progress)

What makes me sad is that I really miss doing pull ups. I’ve tried. And I just… dangle. Even with lateral pulls, which I used to be able to do about ~175, I could only do 100 today. And even then, like four and I was done. And as I’m doing my push ups, feeling pretty good about my workout, some super shredded chick decides to do one handed hand stands next to me. I wanted to throw a medicine ball at her. Show off.

But in the midst of poopy self esteem, one of the gym regulars couldn’t believe I was as pregnant as I am. At least until I pulled my shirt taut and she saw my big ol’ belly.

Any way, I’ll put up my lower body work out in the next week or so. In the mean time, go eat some dairy for me. Or not. I’m a blogger, not a cop. But seriously, if you eat/ drink dairy products, have some in my honor. Cause I’m really cutting back (have to be off the stuff by Christmas), and I miss it like cray.

Blue and Red


Mini Gwinn in his birthday wagon – happy weekend!


Post- apocalyptic entertainment is HUGE in right now. Reality shows featuring “preppers”, bunker builders, and TV dramas like Falling Skies and (my personal fave) the Walking Dead all highlight a world without “the grid”. I’m not complaining. This is a mental fantasy I have on the regular. My mom is probably rolling her eyes as she reads this. But really, what would you do if all internet communications (including modern cell phones) went down, if the roads were closed, and/ or a major disaster struck?

A few years ago, while Captain Laser Pants and I were dating, Atlanta was covered in snow. Underneath the snow, in many areas, was a thick layer of ice. The city shut down for several days because of the incapacity to handle a snow situation. Northerners laugh, but really, it NEVER snows down here. I lived in the city at the time, and my best friend and I had a sleepover. We walked to stores and enjoyed it, but many Atlantians were floundering. CLP was short on his frozen pizza rations, and more had serious issues like running out of food for their children and themselves. At the time I didn’t give it a second thought. My dogs had food, our fridge was full, what’s the concern?

Now, if something like that happened to us, we’d run out of milk for mini Gwinn in about 48 hours. We would be fine, mostly, for a couple weeks, but man that kid goes through milk. Much to the entertainment of our friends, CLP and I started a bin of “back up food” (complete with powdered milk). Do I think Daryl and his cross bow are going to come across my threshold? Probably not (but you’re TOTALLY welcome). But with another (relatively) cold winter ahead of us, I don’t see any reason to not be a little more prepared.

In other news, team Gwinn is survivaling. Or surviving. Whatever. Thriving, mostly. 2.0 is growing, mini Gwinn talks more every day, and aside from headaches, I’m feeling good as I hit the stride of my second trimester. CLP is growing out his facial hair for Movember. It’s um… splendid? We had mini Gwinn’s birthday party last weekend, and it was heavenly chaos as 2-4 year olds ran through the house and played in the yard. I’ll post more about it some other time, and maybe if there’s interest, some of my modified pregnancy workouts.

Ok, peoples, have a great Friday!

We Have News…

Four pairs of shoes...

Four pairs of shoes…

If you’re good at math, or if you’ve kept up with this blogaroonie for the past couple years, maybe you’ve deduced that there’s an extra pair of TINY shoes on our front door mat.


Team Gwinn is expecting another little duderino/ dudette in the Spring! And that’s mostly why I’ve been off the radar since we’ve moved.

Captain Laser Pants is pretty excited. Like “went out and bought me flowers for the fourth time ever in our relationship” excited. Mini Gwinn doesn’t get it at all. And the matriarch? Well. I’m a grumpy Gus. And I LOATHE being pregnant. But so far, this pregnancy hasn’t been nearly as difficult as the first (the bonus of planned pregnancies, and knowing what to expect, I suppose).

to quickly bring you fine readers up to speed: I’m fourteen weeks this week, I’ve gained a pound for every week (because I’m naturally predispositioned to be a COW, apparently), I had a couple weeks of major exhaustion and nausea, but now I feel fine, except for the fact that I can’t weight lift for crap anymore and my stomach went from rippled to lumpy.

14 Weeks - Belly-o-Rama already

14 Weeks – Belly-o-Rama already

You can actually see where my abdominal wall just gave up. And I’m wearing TWO sports bras in this picture. Yeesh, pregnancy. As my doctor’s assistant very sweetly said to me, “Some people wear pregnancy well. Some… don’t.” ¬†Ah well. The jelly will come off in the next year. If only I didn’t have to bake the kid for 37 weeks, I would be totally cool with being handed a newborn and getting a vaycay at the hospital (where someone brings me meals in bed, I don’t have to do laundry or dishes, and I can snuggle a sweet little nugget that looks like my husband).

Anyway, hi interwebs! We’re back.

Missed you!