Monthly Archives: October 2013

September Equals the Longest Month EVAR

Guys, guys. Did you notice it’s OCTOBER already!?

For real. September was one long month. But I wasn’t expecting to look up and for it to be October. Especially since it’s like 85 outside. What gives, weather? I want boots and sweaters.


So we moved into our new house this past month, and the whole gang is pretty stoked about it. The three dogs gallivant around the spacious back yard, hunting squirrels, barking at the wind, wrestling like they were puppies again. And running into mini Gwinn while he’s on the swings. A huge bonus- the house came with a swing set and slide. Kiddo loves it! And so do CLP and myself. There are still boxes to be emptied, but really, it’s great to feel like we’re home.

My workouts have taken a major cut this past month (totes bummer). And I’ve been doing some modifications to accommodate my loss of strength. Oddly enough, Captain Laser Pants and I managed carrying our washer and dryer together, couches, etc (my dad is the strongest man alive and he helped out big time at the new house), but I can’t do more than four pull ups at the gym now. Whatever, arms. Whatever.

The planning of mini Gwinn’s second birthday party took a back seat, but things are progressing this week (finally!). I feel really badly about it because this time last year we practically had everything taken care of, and this go around I haven’t even planned the menu (I don’t want to resort to Little Caesar’s pizza …). Good thing the kiddo doesn’t really grasp what’s going on. After the party, I’m planning to post pictures and ideas, etc. If I remember to take pictures.

So, this is a craptastic post, but it’s just to get my feet (or fingers) wet into writing something again. It’s been ages. Hopefully coming soon: modified work outs (still with big weights and running, just not quite as big), what mini Gwinn is up to, etc.