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So, interwebs, I was going to write a thoughtful post on giving others the benefit of the doubt while still trusting my gut feeling, but… meh.

Instead, I’m going to tell you about how funny mini Gwinn has been lately.

He’s been “reading” aloud. After we finish reading a story, he picks it up to give me his artistic interpretation.

He imitates the animal noises on his Barnyard See ‘n’ Say.

He’s been giving cars the “vroom” noise for a few months, but I keep forgetting to tell you all about it.

He says “jeep” when we go out to our car(s). Even better, he does some pretty serious driving hands when he sees the car(s).

Speaking of cars, he waves at cars that drive by when we’re playing in the yard.

He waves to everyone. But he turns his palm towards his body, so he pretty much has the cutest backwards wave I’ve ever seen.

He loves bubbles. More than stickers. The giant wands from Target (99 cents) make huge, awesome bubbles.

If CLP or I listen closely, we can actually understand the sentences he says that are mixed in with mini Gwinn garble.



In other news, I’m going to post some new workout stuff. When I’m not really sore. And when I’m more alert.



Scarlet, Grey and Blue: Our Fourth of July Weekend

Hey interwebs, how was your weekend? Magical? Full of parties, fireworks and good times with good friends? I hope so!

Perhaps you used your “jump to conclusions mat” and figured out that ours was … different.

In my last post I referenced the dead trees leaning over our house. Those are still there, btdubs, and the weather has been bad for the past week (like, “rain every day, laundry room floods” kind of rain). Today is actually the first time we’ve seen the sun in I literally cannot remember. So, given all the rain we’ve had, and since the ground is softer than marshmallows, I’ve been pretty concerned that the trees would just give up and fall over. One of them has made its way groundwardly, the risky one (the tall one leaning over our bedroom), though, is still standing. For now.

Our car came home with her new transmission and still wasn’t working. CLP replaced some wires and coils and voila! She lives!

With all the rain, a cook out seemed nigh impossible. But with the arrival of unexpected guests, I whipped up a DIY smoker for our little grill, made a rub for some ribs, and (after a lot of work on Captain Laser Pant’s part), got the coals hot enough to smoke a rack of ribs, even during a downpour. We had a nice meal of a yummy fruit salad, spicy baked beans, corn on the cob, ribs, and cupcakes. I wasn’t expecting to entertain on the fourth, but it was fun.

During all of this, mini Gwinn was getting sick. It started with a runny nose on Sunday, low fever by Tuesday, higher fever on Wednesday, and a shift in his demeanor by Thursday. He had an odd, swollen bump on his cheek (looked like a bug bite or pimple with no head or center bite mark), and a rash on his back, legs, and tummy. CLP and I decided to take him to the doctor Friday morning. In the mean time, we kept his fever down with tyelnol/ advil every three hours, and he stayed mostly happy. He loved the big bubble wands we had for him, could have cared less about the sparklers, and played happily until bed time.

Friday morning we saw the doctor, and found out our little guy had a swollen lymph node on his cheek from the SCARLET FEVER he had contracted. The rash, the fever and the loss of appetite all played into the diagnosis. I played it cool. Antibiotics, like Augmenten, cover the gamut of sinus infections, ear infections, and strep bacteria (which is what causes scarlet fever). I had no idea that it even existed anymore, but from what I read, it’s just a rare presentation of a strep rash that most children don’t contract. The reason it was prevalent in the 1800s was the lack of antibiotics (yay for 2013!), so it took many more lives than it ever would now. So, he’s been on medicine for the past several days and has improved, but I’m still not sure when he’s cleared for seeing other kiddos and going out in public.

Any way.

So things are getting back on track to normal, and that’s really all I’ve got for now because mini Gwinn just woke up.

What did you do to celebrate?