If this post title didn’t immediately make you think of this scene from Forrest Gump, you need to reevaluate your life. Also, if you don’t find this scene to be incredibly inspiring, you need to go away. 

Today, ladies and gentlemen, after nearly a solid year of not being able to run AT ALL (due to a pinched nerve from pregnancy), I ran a SEVEN MINUTE MILE. 

That’s right. I haven’t run in ten months and today I kicked it out like it was no big. Originally I told my husband it was a 7.5 minute mile, but I forgot I walked for 45 seconds as a warm up to my warm up, so really it was more of a 6.75 minute mile, but whatevs. I’m freaking stoked about this. 

There will be more things about mini Gwinn and deep thoughts by Jack Handy in the near future, but today, I’m celebrating the fact that I ran and bumped my weights. 

Have a good Friday! 


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I am a sarcastic mom, tried and true INTJ, my DISC profile has a high D and C with low I and S, and I'm a quirky geek (love me some Star Wars, BSG, Firefly, Dr, Who and comic books!). When I grow up I want to be an Amazon warrior with super powers and an awesome costume. Music and literature are passions, cooking and baking are hobbies, and writing a blog (such as this one) is both a cathartic release and documentation of the growth of my family and myself. View all posts by mombieconfessions

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