A Light is Out on Our Planet

You need to know this: a light has gone out on our planet today.

About ten years ago I met this husband and wife on Cocoa Beach in Florida. Over the following few years (before I moved to MN) I witnessed the incredible love this couple shared, not only with one another, but with their beautiful daughters and with the congregation of our church. I can’t say I knew them well; I only watched from a distance. But my heart weeps for their family today. After years of battling cancer, Christi has passed away.

Here is my favorite photographer’s blog and website showcasing this beautiful family’s love for one another: January 2010, February 2010 and December 2012
Rich and his wife, Heather, knew Kenny and Christi much better than I. Read Heather’s words to understand more thoroughly the life and love this family exudes. If you pray, please do so for Kenny and his daughters.

Tell those you love how deeply you love them. Smile more today. Celebrate the life you live, no matter how hard.


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6 responses to “A Light is Out on Our Planet

  • Mary Sue

    That makes my heart break. There are no words.

    • mombieconfessions

      Thousands of people are celebrating the end to her suffering and mourning her family’s loss. Light seemed to beam from her pores. Thank you for taking time to ache for her loved ones, even if they aren’t aware of every person sharing in their pain, I know they appreciate the support.

  • nothingbythebook

    I’m so sorry for your loss, and that of your community. She sounds like a beautiful person.

    • mombieconfessions

      Thank you for your support. I can’t claim that the loss is my own, but I certainly feel it nonetheless. She truly was above and beyond the kind of woman we’d all like to be or be around: loving, lighthearted and giving.

  • Charity

    The tissues are piling up beside the lap top as I read this blog. I have hurt all day for the girls, but something about this blog allowed me to cry. My biggest fear is to leave Luke behind…her life, her strength…living proof of a loving God. You see no bitterness or fear in her pictures, just a supernatural love and joy for her family…whatever time she had left.

    • mombieconfessions

      Watching the videos and stills on Rich’s site pulled tears I didn’t know I had for her family. She was love personified. I can’t fathom the hurt for their daughters, knowing she won’t be there to see their weddings or run her fingers through their hair. I can’t fathom the knowledge of knowing you’ll never make love to your spouse again, you’ll never hold their familiar hands or see their smile. I know the strength of the Engels is indeed supernatural. Her suffering is over and this life is temporary. They will all see that incredible, impossibly jubilant woman again.

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