The conundrum of what to wear


I hate it when it is this time of year, in between seasons, in between temperatures outside. Last Sunday, it was 43 outside. Today? The high is 70. In a frantic rush to find something to wear to my nephew’s birthday party today, I had to find an outfit that would cover my white legs, accommodate picking up a little one, hide the fact that I haven’t had a pedicure in years, and still be fashion forward while staying comfortable. The answer? Maxi dress with a belted chambray top, paired with casual converse slip one. What do you think?


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I am a sarcastic mom, tried and true INTJ, my DISC profile has a high D and C with low I and S, and I'm a quirky geek (love me some Star Wars, BSG, Firefly, Dr, Who and comic books!). When I grow up I want to be an Amazon warrior with super powers and an awesome costume. Music and literature are passions, cooking and baking are hobbies, and writing a blog (such as this one) is both a cathartic release and documentation of the growth of my family and myself. View all posts by mombieconfessions

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