Ponderings, Short Post

Hey interwebs! How’s your President’s Day? Captain Laser Pants and I took mini Gwinn to the gym for some Team Gwinn family time (aka lifting weights together) to celebrate.
Yesterday, in true suburbanite fashion, we went to Old Navy to acquire some jeans for us. After trying on several pairs, I discovered that I can’t wear their jeans without having “mom butt”. God bless ya’ll to the ones that can wear jeans from there (they’re so wonderfully priced!), but I was defeated. CLP found some that he likes, and I picked up a mint- colored 3/4 length sleeve henley for $7. Woohoo! So far, the only jeans I’ve ever fallen in love with are Dish jeans. I’m the opposite of brand-conscious, but when I tried these on at a super hip boutique in Atlanta called Psycho Sisters, I felt like the designers used my body as a template. They’re PERFECT jeans, but run around $100 a pop in regular stores. I scored my fav pair for $13 at Psycho Sisters, but am now in need of a new pair (a girl can’t just have one pair of jeans!). Ah well, c’est la vie, non?
All this thinking about jeans (and clothes) has got my wheels a turnin’. CLP wants to make a mini Gwinn 2.0 in the next 6-10 months, and I’ve got to give it to you straight, hombres: I don’t want to be pregnant again ever. While at the gym, I told CLP that I finally felt confident in how I looked (mostly, but of course we’re not delving into that between reps). The last thing I want to do is gain 55 pounds again and work twice as hard to shed it. Looking at maternity clothes makes me die a little inside. I don’t want to wear stretch pants out of necessity, I don’t want circus tents to house my gargantu-belly. I want to look like Sarah Connor.
For my mamas out there: did you gain more weight with #2, or #1? Did you work out during pregnancy?
For my fashion-frugalistas out there: where do you buy great jeans?


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10 responses to “Ponderings, Short Post

  • Mary Sue

    I’m with you on the Never-Again-Preggo train. If I never do that again, I’m fine with it. Not much help, just commiserating.

    • mombieconfessions

      Can we just be handed new babies with our genetic makeup without doing any of the baking? I’m not opposed to another human in the house, I just don’t want to be the one to make it. :/ How do you and your hubs feel about a second?

  • charlotteporter9

    I feel ya’! I didn’t lose all the weight from number one and am still a fatty from number two. I feel the need to keep my children with me at all times as if to say “look, they did his to me!! I’m not just a lazy fatty!” Between the schedule and sleep deprivation I just don’t have the will to work out so I give you credit. Good news is my hubs still likes me. But it is somewhat discouraging. Sigh.

    • mombieconfessions

      You are too hard on yourself! But, yes, the schedule/ routine with one child is SO much easier than a routine with two! CLP insists I’ll be able to work off the weight as quickly as the first go around, but I know that doing anything with two is much more difficult than with one. I fear I may never see the inside of a gym again after the beginning of the bake. šŸ˜¦

  • st sahm

    Old navy jeans, BAD. Another darling Gwinn baby, GOOD.

    Going from 1-2 (and then 2-3) kids wasn’t all crazy like everyone warned. Already had the baby gear and was living the routine. Kept so busy weight melted off. Go for it while you’re super young and have fast metabolism!

    Maybe try Diesel jeans? Nothing mom about them and decent price for quality. Found a black ‘liv’ style from nordstrom online (70% off) and they pair with everything…

    • mombieconfessions

      If only Old Navy had amazingly cut jeans to go along with their amazingly low prices…
      Super young? HA! But thank you. CLP doesn’t want me to be much older and pregnant (given how much I complain about fatigue, I suppose), so it looks like it may be the end of this year?
      Holy Moses, I just saw the prices of Diesel jeans! They are really nicely made, but wow! I may have to sell an internal organ.

      • st sahm

        Hope you find some on sale. You’ll need all your organs for the new baby.

        I find great designer denim at ritzy consignment shops too. Paige, Seven and Hudson. I’d never pay $100 bucks for jeans…

      • mombieconfessions

        You’re so smart, I will start looking at consignment stores as well. šŸ˜€
        Why don’t we uproot our families and move to a city together? That doesn’t sound unreasonable at all, considering we need to be bffs like, face to face.

  • nothingbythebook

    I found with each baby the weight came on earlier and faster–it’s like my body went, oh yeah, this is the part where I gain weight, let’s go!–but all but the last little bit also came off faster. But it’s so different for every woman… I did find that during the x-years of being pregnant-not-pregnant-not-pregnant-not-not-quite-at-fighting-weight it was really hard to justify spending any money on clothes. Thrift stores and VV were the places for jeans. And the day I spent real money on clothes post baby number three was… I need to pause and grab a breath… so incredibly incredibly exciting!

    • mombieconfessions

      That’s the word around the campfire in my family, too- baby weight with #2 comes on more quickly. The verdict is out on how it drops. Thrift stores were my friend in the in-between days, for sure! But I’ve been “fighting weight” for 10ish months, and now even my smallest jeans from pre-baby are getting a little generous (hence the “one pair” conundrum). Shopping for clothes that fit (and not maternity clothes!) is exciting! And painful- I’d so much rather spend the money on family needs. Do you mind me asking the time period between your first boy’s birth and when you became pregnant with your daughter?

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