My Bedroom Is Hideous. Really.

Ok, for riz interwebs, I have hated our bedroom since our first tour of our home. It is one of those excessively large 1970s style rooms with oblong shaped walls, bizarre dimensions, the quintessential rental property vertical blinds over a sliding glass door that opens up to a micro-deck, and to top it all off, it is my least favorite color on the planet: PURPLE. Not like super trendy plum, not tolerable/ workable lavender, not even crayon purple, but like an offensive shade of orchid. My closet has those loud, jankety metal doors and Captain Laser Pant’s closet doesn’t even have doors. His bathroom is really just a sink outside a small room that houses a toilet and bath/ shower (I’m not prissy on much, but I physically CANNOT share a bathroom with my husband. Seriously, if I wanted to cause dissent in my marriage, I would take photos of his versus mine, and then you would all know why. But I love him, and am letting the issue go at “I can’t share a bathroom with you”.). To add insult to injury, CLP and I have Scandinavian- esque (read: IKEA), short, black furniture  that could in no way ever make our room look furnished. Our bed is dwarfed by the sheer size of the room, and all my bedding from the single life (CLP had a single set of sheets and a knit blanket, bless his heart) was of a dark brown/ green nature. Our bedroom, even with the bed made and floors vacuumed, looks not unlike a college dorm/ bachelor pad- nothing matched, the box spring and mattress sits on just a frame (no head/ foot board), and there is no sense of “sanctuary”.

Quite serendipitous it is that husband and I purchased eerily similar sets of bedroom furniture as single people. The nightstands are almost identical  and my dresser is just double the length of his. During the “mad rush to nest in a house while hugely pregnant” stage, we just shoved things into the bedroom without really thinking. The bed is in the only place it could go without floating in the middle of the room, and with that idiotic sliding glass door/ vertical blinds conundrum, there weren’t many places to put our dressers. We lined up our dressers against a wall, laid out the dog beds, set up the ironing board and called it a day. And I’ve hated it ever since.

I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again: I’m painfully frugal. If it’s more than $20, we don’t need it. For that reason alone I’ve done nothing to our bedroom. Comforters start at $30, sheets are the same, and don’t get me started on the cost of headboards and foot boards. I optimistically looked at thrift stores and antique stores with no success, and let’s be honest, with a toddler running around, it’s not like I have the hours in my day to complete a “DIY resurface and paint your thrift store found headboard to look like this $3000 bedroom as seen in some expensive magazine spread!”. So, for 17ish months, I just dealt with the horror of my “utilitarian only” bedroom.

The purpose of New Year’s Resolutions has escaped me for a long, long time. If you want to do something, do it, regardless of the time of year. If you want to be nice, be nice, if you want to stop being fat, get up and work out, if you want to travel, go somewhere. But somewhere between Christmas and my birthday, I decided that my bedroom needed an overhaul. After talking to sisters and girlfriends, I discovered the need for our bedroom to be, well, more romantic. Sexy. A utilitarian bedroom becomes just that, and I was reminded of my dislike of the room every time CLP and I were standing in it. Once I pinpointed the issue, I snapped some pictures of my room for a “before” and started plotting the ugly’s demise.

Awesome, right?

Awesome, right?

Interior design is 100% not my area of expertise. I can style my hair, speed skate, bake and cook, but make my house pretty? No way. To gain some perspective and ideas, I started perusing (shock!) Pinterest. Then googled “purple bedroom”. Then discovered that there are plenty of ways to work with all shades of purple, mainly with (for real) one of my absolute favorite colors: grey. With some well timed Christmas and birthday gift cards, I was able to score some pretty awesome finds to dress up the space:

Matching night stand lamps- $6.48 a piece (Hobby Lobby)
Grey henna curtain panels- $9.98 each (Target)
Center sheer panel- $3.50 (Hobby Lobby)
Brackets: $3.98 (Home Depot)
Grey microfiber sheets: $25 (Target)
Electrical conduit for curtain rod: $2.97 (Home Depot)
Black framed mirrors- $1.99 each (IKEA)

The measurements for my dresser were matched to the width of our bed, so it became our foot board. For the headboard? Hang some curtains, like this.

Not perfect, but working on it. Note that mini Gwinn is helping.

Not perfect, but working on it. Note that mini Gwinn is helping.

It’s still a work in progress, as I have not found a comforter for under $20 (can I just dye my brown one?) or a bed skirt (I wanted to upholster the box spring, but that’s like $50) and haven’t put up my second set of mirrors over the night stands. All in all, though, not a bad little shift in the room though, right?

Looking more grown up already.

Looking more grown up already.


Things have happened since the shift in the bedroom. Good things. For instance, I actually relaxed in bed with the Kindle and a cup of hot chocolate while mini Gwinn took a nap. I wanted to lounge in the room after he fell asleep for the night. And when CLP and I are reading before we fall asleep, the lights behind give us quite the romantic glow.

Is it perfect? Nope. But it is definitely a step or five in the right direction. And I love moving in the right direction.

Where do you find sanctuary? Any decorating ideas for the rest of us?


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2 responses to “My Bedroom Is Hideous. Really.

  • st sahm

    Impressive style on a budget! The new lighting IS romantic…can I just say it sounds like straight up.destiny…the fact you two bought pieces of furniture creating a set later? Crazy awesome.

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