Quick Post

I promise I’ll come back to posting in the next week. Really!

In the mean time, a quick update/ post:

-mini Gwinn is for real walking now! And he babbles in Russian and/ or Finnish all the time. It’s quite darling, and I’m sure he’s saying profound things, but I don’t know Russian or Finnish. Bummer.
-I desperately want/ need a hair cut. My hair is now touching my waist in the back and it’s only making my long face look longer. Ideas on what to do? I have a long face (Liv Tyler, Sarah Jessica Parker), and don’t want to lose much length because CLP really likes it long. Even though it regularly gets caught in my armpits while I sleep.
-I’m embarking on a majorly huge culinary adventure, suited for proper pastry chefs: making homemade French macaroons. I’m leaning towards making pale blue, pink and minty green ones, flavors to include: almond, orange, and maybe plain old vanilla. Kind of excited to get this. Bonus? No wheat. 😀
-Does anything sound more adorable than a baby Valentine’s Day party?

Real posts to come soon!


About mombieconfessions

I am a sarcastic mom, tried and true INTJ, my DISC profile has a high D and C with low I and S, and I'm a quirky geek (love me some Star Wars, BSG, Firefly, Dr, Who and comic books!). When I grow up I want to be an Amazon warrior with super powers and an awesome costume. Music and literature are passions, cooking and baking are hobbies, and writing a blog (such as this one) is both a cathartic release and documentation of the growth of my family and myself. View all posts by mombieconfessions

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