Gang! Check out this lovely post on The Mommy Stylist. I feel a little special right now, not gonna lie.

The Mommy Stylist

By Kristin Hull

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Mom, Bethany Warren, recently sent us some photos of an outfit she put together based on our suggestions. We think she did a great job and wanted to share her success with you so that you may be inspired to create a similar look. Bethany’s entire ensemble was less than $90 and consists of versatile pieces that will work with all kinds of outfits. See the cost breakdown below.

Note: For the full-length picture, Bethany couldn’t find her hat, a problem I’m sure many busy moms can relate to. So, we’ve included a close-up shot she took of herself a few weeks earlier. Either way, we think she looks adorable!

  • Matching hat/scarf combo is Calvin Klein from TJMaxx, $15.

  • Red plaid shirt is Mossimo Red from Target, $12 clearance.

  • Blue t-shirt is Gap Outlet, $8.

  • Jeans are Vigold from TJMaxx, $13.

  • Boots are Madden Girl from Victoria’s Secret, $39…

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