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Steppin’ Up on Workin’ Out

Lately, with the past few weeks being especially erratic, going to the gym has been really (REALLY) difficult. As a result, I’ve noticed in the mirror that I look a little… mushy. My abs are no longer as defined as they were, and my muffin tops look like they’re freshly baked. When I was getting to the gym regularly, my focus was usually on one or two major muscle groups a day, which put me at the gym right around 30-40 minutes. That worked well for me, when I was going 5-6 times a week. With the crazy car situation, starting a new (wonderful) job and squeezing in training during the past week, going to a wedding (so much fun- congrats, you two!) which somehow put Captain Laser Pants and I out of commission from exhaustion for a few days, and our little guy starting to cruise around the house (aka using furniture to walk), life has been a little hectic.

I needed to step up my game for riz at the gym. With lots of new tunes (mostly seriously hardcore stuff that makes me strut around like a tough girl) and some new exercises, I was ready to spend over an hour at the gym every day I go. So far so good, even mini- Gwinn is doing really well at the gym nursery (of course they love him there, he’s darling). I’ve been getting there 3-4 times a week for the past two weeks and I’m already seeing a difference. Below is what I did today, be prepared to be OMAZED. That’s right, o-mazed. I should say that since I’m experiencing some pretty annoying pubic bone pain (pretty sure I have a pinched nerve, awesome) and both my knees are prone to giving out, I modified my routine A LOT. Like, no more running (sad face), easy on the leg press machine, and easy on the squats. Ch-ch-ch-check it out.

Warm up: 4-5 minutes on bike at a mid-range resistance

Tricep extensions 20 lbs x 10 reps
Tricep kickbacks 15 lbs x 10 reps
Bent over rows 20 lbs x 10 reps
Repeat above 3 times
Standing side ab crunch 25 lbs x 10 reps, each side, 2 sets total
Every other day: bench press ~40 lbs x 10 reps, 3 sets

Calf raises 120 lbs x 12 reps, 3 sets
Leg extensions for quads 70 lbs x 10 reps, 3 sets (gotta go easy on my knees!)
Leg extension for glutes/ back of thighs 70 lbs x 10 reps, 3 sets

Pull Ups – 30 total with ~60 lbs. assistance

Hip Abduction machine (inner thigh) 90 lbs x 10 reps, 3 sets
Hip Abduction machine (outer thigh) 70 lbs x 10 reps, 3 sets
Lat Pull machine 90 lbs x 10 reps, 3 sets
Chest Press machine 75 lbs x 10 reps, 3 sets
Every other day: Leg press machine 150 lbs x 8 reps, 2 sets

Wall bridges x 10 reps, 2 sets each side
Side crunch/ toe touches  x 10 reps, 2 each side
Weighted crunches, side to side and middle 12 lbs x 18 reps
Army style push ups x 5 reps, 3-4 sets
Side leg raises (for inner thigh) 12 lbs x 15 reps, 4 sets each side
Every other day: plank, 20 seconds, 3 total (I freaking hate planks)

Cool down- walking on treadmill 3 minutes, lots of stretching after

It’s intense, but seriously, two weeks ago I could only do five Army- style push- ups. Now I can do 20.

In other news, here’s a picture of Captain Laser Pants and myself at the wedding:

We didn’t mean to match, we just both like blue.

Mini- Gwinn is in the Gerber Baby Photo Contest on facebook. You can vote for him, his ID# is 317.


Our little guy likes blue, too.

And, last but not least, I finally have new glasses. Which are also blue.

“I’m blue, da ba di ba di da…”



If Apple Made Free Weights

Is there an app for making iPhones really heavy at the gym to emulate lifting free weights? I’m not really tech savvy, especially when it comes to Apple products (ew), so I could be completely missing this nifty application. Are they called iWeights?

What’s that you say? This idea is preposterous?

That’s precisely my point. If you (the existential “you”, not YOU) are at the gym, walking on the treadmill at it’s slowest pace, yammering on your cell phone, what is being accomplished? Aside from taking up space on the cardio machine, just going to the gym isn’t really enough to jump start weight loss or healthy living. Example- I went to the gym on Thursday with every intention of staying for an hour to do a full body weight training circuit. As I dropped off mini Gwinn, I saw a large woman in small spandex situate herself on a leg lift machine while talking on her phone. “Whatever,” I thought, as I started up my warm up. About fifteen minutes later, after I had finished my warm up and tricep weights, I made my way back to the leg machines. The woman on her phone was still sitting on the leg lift machine. I worked around her, doing the calf raises and the other leg machines, until, finally, I could avoid it no longer. I glared at her. She was laughing, licking her leg against the resistance bar, literally doing nothing. Why take the effort to shove one’s self into spandex (which I suppose I could assume was a workout in itself), drive to the gym, only to talk on the phone? She was eating into my workout time and was accomplishing nothing simultaneously. Once she finally noticed me staring ninja death stars at her, she looked irritated that I wanted to use her chair. She finally got up and I was able to continue.

Run with this, tubby!

Let me clarify. I don’t “hate” “fat” people. Her complete lack of consideration and her all encompassing laziness are why I’m still mad about this today. “How do you know she wasn’t injured?” Please, if you’re politically correct, your feelings are hurt easily, or you make excuses all the time, please stop reading my blog for forever. I know she wasn’t injured because she was having an animated conversation on her phone. If someone is trying to work through something or work on something at the gym, they are not there to have a thirty minute phone conversation. If you have to walk on the slowest pace possible on the treadmill because that’s where you are physically, I am cheering for you in my heart and head for trying. I think it is freaking awesome that you are taking those steps to improve your health! If you’re walking on the slowest possible pace on the treadmill because you’re not coordinated enough to talk and walk, then I hope you fall off so someone who wants to use the treadmill productively can get on it. Is this harsh? Maybe. Am I right? Yes.

Look deeper into this “laziness at the gym” issue. Our society and technological age highly encourage us all to engage in multiple conversations at once, take in several types of media simultaneously, and divide our attention completely. When was the last time you looked at your phone? Facebook? Email account? It is now considered the social norm if people have their cell phones out at group gatherings or dinner. People text and drive while their children are screaming in the back seat. Parents look at pictures of their children while their children are sitting in front of them. Text message conversations to seven different people carry on through the day.

When was the last time your attention was completely focused on one thing?

My sister told me a story of a time (this was years ago) that she and her husband met a monk (I don’t remember where) and what he had to say was brief and wise- Whatever you’re doing, do it fully. If you’re driving, drive (dear God, drive with your full attention. Please). If you’re with your children, be with your children. If you’re eating, eat the meal fully and enjoy how it tastes, how it fills you. Be there. I don’t want my baby to remember me with a phone in my hand, and I don’t want to miss all the amazing things he does because Facebook has some crappy update I just “have to see”. Seeing the woman at the gym was a great reminder for me to “be there”, wherever “there” is.

To Target I Go

Just a quick “what I wore to the store” post. Being a mom means, among other things, wearing pratical and only moderately cute things. And I’d you’re aa stylish mom, I don’t want to hear about it.


i love plaid.


plaidy plaid plaid. and boyfriend jeans.


rolled up. barefoot. because i live in Georgia.

Nothing New Under the Sun (but definitely in my closet)

Ok, so, I’ve been ultra MIA lately. My bad. There isn’t anything new going on for CLP, mini Gwinn and myself. Currently I’m sniffing for work, and it looks like I’m going to go back to teaching, but just on the weekends, and maybe (if it all works out!) taking care of a precious baby for one of my amazing mama girlfriends once or twice a week. The beauty of all this- no need for child care (hopefully). And I loved teaching- so win!

Any way, when I was scared of re-entering the corporate world, I thought retail therapy would help ease the shift. I went to the thrift store (yeah, that’s retail therapy for me these days) and found two gorgeous wool skirts, one grey and black and the other brown and cream pinstripes. The total? $6.30. One of them is from the Limited, tags still on it. Impressed? It gets better. Around the same time (within a day or two) I went to Target in search of a needed cocktail dress for an upcoming wedding (yes, I go to Target for cocktail dresses now. Banana Republic and Anne Taylor are brands of my past). While on the hunt, I sifted through the clearance racks for “work appropriate” attire and stumbled upon a goldenrod dress. Hear me out. Normally, I shy away from any color that isn’t blue, black or grey. And by “shy away” I mean “I absolutely do not buy any colors other than blue, black or grey”. But, in a moment of whimsy, and with the knowledge that current fashion trends are veering towards bright colors, I -gasp- took it to the dressing room with me. In this excursion I also grabbed the cocktail- esque dress I wanted, a cardigan in a different shade of yellow (cause, hey, if goldenrod looked bad, maybe daisy yellow would be ok?), and a royal blue high- low knit skirt (I’m currently infatuated with high- low hemlines).

This is me letting you into the dressing room with me. Oh, the scandal!

This is the goldenrod dress. $7. SRLSY.

So, this dress shocked the bejeebus outta me for a few reasons. One- the color is surprisingly flattering. Two- it has pockets, and I LOVE dresses with pockets. Three- It was $7.




The reason I went to the store in the first place – the blue dress

This royal blue dress is so, so pretty. It has butterfly sleeves, draping neckline, tie waist, and it fits beautifully. The one I’m wearing in this picture was a size too big, so I ordered it online (and it was $6 cheaper online, anyway!). The cardigan was on clearance for $12 with really pretty beaded detail.

I actually liked this the least.

The skirt wasn’t flattering at all, and the red tank top was gigantic. It made for a poorly assembled look, even though the colors are great together.

Clearly, I’m on a Snow White/ primary colors kick. Have you seen Polyvore, the website where you can put together looks of your dream outfits (like me), or if you have a well stocked closet, put together new outfits with what you already own? It’s wonderful. I really like the Disney Bound looks, like this one here. See? I am so hooked on the red- blue- yellow combination, in fact, that I am planning on adding a red ribbon and bead necklace to the blue dress for the wedding, with a red satin clutch and yellow sandals.

I made this. It has a bow in the back, very cute.

Nine West, literally six years old.

Because I have a horrendous habit of finding one color or one color scheme and sticking to it religiously, I’m now finding myself gravitating to this trio almost daily.

Red necklace, yellow shoes, blue shirt. Stop me!

Sigh. Maybe I should just go back to black.

On to other things. I’ll be doing a blog post about the goldenrod dress and the five or six styles I’ve thought of for it. Boots, belts, lace- extended slip, dressy, casual- it’s so versatile!

This post was meant to be more of a “I’m still heeeeeere!” than clothing- based. Oops.

Hope all is well out in the world of interwebs for you folks!