We All Have the Plague. Also, My Kid is Cute.

Ok, we don’t actually have “the plague”. But mini Gwinn, Captain Laser Pants and I are all feeling a little snotty this weekend. But, the good news- we bought a seriously swanky (well, for us it’s swanky) new car that we can enjoy when we’re not all sick. We can even watch movies in it, like the rich folk! And, since Jeep Grand Cherokees (Ok, ours is much newer than the ones listed on the top ten list, BUT it has a hemi) were listed in the top ten best cars for the end of the world (as seen here), Team Gwinn feels confident in our ability to pack up the entire family, load our arsenal, and venture into the world to fend off zombies.

I feel like poo, so I’ll dedicate this post to displaying the adorableness that is mini Gwinn. Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend, folks, and thank a veteran for his service to our nation.

Bath time cuteness!


He owns “blue steel”.


Super Fletch!


Check out that awesome hair line.


Where’s his neck? Who cares! He’s adorable!


If you aren’t smiling at this picture, you don’t have a soul.


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