Pinterest Makes Me Feel Like a Moron

I’ve joined the cult. I’m drinking the Kool- Aid. But, as cool as Pinterest is, it makes me feel like a moron.

For those that haven’t been sucked into the biggest time waster since Tetris, Pinterest is an online pinning board (think like a virtual bulletin board) where you can “pin” an unlimited amount of stuff (such as fashion, hair styles, tips for the home, decorating ideas, cute pregnancy photos, etc) onto categorized “boards” for organization. It is the new version of the Facebook “like”- you can like something, pin it, put it onto a board, and come back to it later without having a huge list of favorites on your internet browser. You can follow people you know and people whose pins interest you and you can comment and/or like pins. It is a really cool idea. The pins I have seen range from photography to cake ideas, awesome cars to awesome fashion, history, landmarks, children’s clothing, party themes, recipes, home cleaning ideas and everything in between. There are the obnoxious pins that include “text as decoration”, “self- deprecating motivational posters of naked models to encourage me to workout!,” and “mason jar EVERYTHING!”, but like your younger brother’s creepy, mouth breathing friend that came over after school, you can ignore these.

Let me clarify. I am horribly average in the craft department, the decorating department, the fashion/ appearance department, and most definitely uncreative overall. Without fail, of course, the pins I love are usually incredibly intricate, crafty, or involved. I have neither the time nor skill set to try these things at home (but I somehow find time to sit on Pinterest, hm…). I’ve tried the DIY (do you like to do it yourself?) t-shirt scarf, the DIY “turn a man’s large shirt into a cute fitted women’s tee”, recipes for oatmeal breakfast bars and Amish caramel, and a few other things. Most of the recipes come out fine (I’ll admit, I can cook and bake), but anything that I’m supposed to wear, make for decoration or anything not for eating usually turns out to be crap.

Who are these people that are so good at crafting, taking pictures of said crafts, and posting them online? Are they just showing off? Not only are the photos of the crafts beautifully done, but the crafts are impeccable and the women modeling the clothes or whatever they’ve made in their spare time (between preparing four course meals, donning lingerie and taking care of kids while their husband is at work) are always gorgeous. It’s like Martha Stewart and Charlize Theron joined their DNA to create super women, gave them some speed, and set them loose on blogs for average women to pin their ideas on Pinterest.

For a summary, not only am I bad at making crafts/ clothing/ decorations, but I’m not even creative enough to come up with anything original for Pinterest. Pinterest is like that really cool, beautiful girl in high school you really like hanging out with but makes you feel like an awkward klutz because she’s so awesome (even though she’s really nice about it and still hangs out with you).

So, while I’m trying to make homemade labels to stick on my not- so- cute mason jar gift sets (just kidding, everyone. I don’t think mason jars are cute. They’re just old fashioned, glass storage containers) and totally embarrassing myself in the gift giving process, I’m going to go sift through Pinterest to look for something much easier to do, like putting a $20 bill into a clever card from Hallmark.


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